Balanced Obsession. . . What is it About?

Paris color body

It is about science and biology and using advancement in what we know to help people with disease. .

Specifically Cancer, I work as a radiation therapist where I treat cancer patients with ionising radiation.

Exercise physiology and survivorship after cancer treatment is another area of oncology that I continue to work in.

Cancer is a fascinating multifaceted disease that has seen people trial every form of therapy and drug known to man, we still don’t know. That is incredible.

It is about community and people collaborating to help each other. Perhaps naively, I still believe people are ultimately good. I crave to be around people and especially people who spend time thinking and are concerned about growing and being the best they can be. I feel inspired and whole in their company.


It is about nature the outdoors and adventure and movement. Sustainable and respectful use of our resources. Where we shop local, use wind and wave and walk rather than drive.



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