Balanced Obsession

The field of nutrition and the fitness industry has people drowning in information and thirsty for knowledge. I, like so many people have the best of intentions to preserve health and feed my body with the best fuel so that I feel as good as I can, but find myself wound up in a haze of superfoods, macros, spiralizers, supplements and tripping over lunch boxes.

My background is in healthcare, specifically cancer treatment using high energy radiation known as radiotherapy. I work each day with patients fighting cancer, as see patients from all walks of life, some who neglected their health with cigarettes and alcohol abuse, some who had their five a day and 8 hours a night and still received a horrendous diagnosis.

I started my Masters in Food, Nutrition and Health in UCD, Dublin in 2016. I have a few goals I would like to achieve in doing this, namely:

  • Personally, I have a huge interest in Nutrition and its relationship with how our bodies function be it in sport or daily living and I have identified this as an area I would like to expand my knowledge.
  • Professionally, as part of my Continual professional development I want to learn more about the role nutrition has in cancer care and convalescence maybe even clinical nutrition.

Working in an acute healthcare setting has really made me value my health and made me passionate about respecting my body and do everything in my power to nurture good health through wholesome food, exercise and maintenance of good mental wellbeing. I’ve always being active and healthy, being immersed in healthcare has heightened my awareness of the damage that a bad diet, alcohol, smoking inactivity can have on our bodies. Thats not to say that people who have a healthy lifestyle are guaranteed to avoid illness but if there is anyway I can avoid the pain of ill health I sure as hell will be doing it.

A large and ever growing area of nutrition today is sports nutrition, and providing athletes with another tool to maximise their performance in all sorts of sports. I train most days a week in one way or another be it olympic weightlifting, running, yoga, rowing or football. Along the way I’ve known the feeling of training on an empty fuel tank and the frustration of performance being negatively affected. I hope share what I learn in this regard here too and If I don’t know the answer I can certainly direct you to a few who do.

Balanced Obsession is something I’ve created to express thoughts, document my learning during the M.Sc in Food, Nutrition and Health and get a bit of feedback from anyone willing to read it, if anyone has any views or opinions on its contents I would love to hear from you. I’m by no means an expert yet, just highly interested.

I hope you enjoy it

Sam x



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